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Interesting I'm not looking for fame, I'm not looking to impress every person I meet, I'm not even looking for everyone to like me... but I do want to be interesting. That may sound like I think I'm boring, but I'm not saying that all. A better title for this might be "follow your passions," but I really like "Be More Interesting." To help us understand what it is that I mean when I say this, let’s start out by using the analogy of our lives as a piece of music. According to my good friend Wikipedia, in music, a drone is defined as “a harmonic or monophonic effect or accompaniment where a note or chord is continuously sounded throughout much or all of a piece, sustained or repeated, and most often establishing a tonality upon which the rest of the piece is built.” It's all too easy to fall into routine, to go with the flow, to get so lost in the busyness of everyday life that we loose our purpose and just become part of the “drone” of society. Let me just say right now that there are times when we need some kind of regularity in our lives.  There are things that we must do: eating, sleeping and the likes. And it is ok to have routine. Often times, in music there will be repeating phrases throughout a piece. If you were to ask what I am going to be doing at a specific time at any point in a normal week, I’d have a pretty good idea and would probably be able to tell you. I go to work regularity, volunteer with InterVarsity, go to guitar lessons, worship team practices, and the list goes on. All of these things have specific times that I do them, which gives me some structure. But a piece of music would be pretty boring if it just had a basic foundation and a few repeating phrases. And I know that there’s going to be someone out there saying “sometimes simplicity is best,” and I totally agree with that and I’ll probably come back to that statement, depending on how long I decide to make this post. Whether your foundation is complex or simple, there still has to be some kind of variety in order to add interest to the piece. I could go into more detail on the whole music analogy thing, but honestly, this is not why I started typing this today. Whether you have put this concept into this music analogy or not, I think that these are simple statements… and nothing that I’ve state here should have been earth shattering or new to most of you. I want to be interesting. And this is something that I’m sure I’ll be working on for a long time. So what does that mean and what have I been doing to start working on becoming more interesting? First off, I need to figure out what I am interested in. So a few months ago, I sat down and thought about just that, "What am I really interested in?" Here's what I've come up with (I've refined and added to my initial list):
  • God, and knowing Him more
  • People
  • Live events and atmosphere
  • Music
  • Multimedia (Photography, Videos, Audio)
  • Love (not limited by the world's definition)
  • Servanthood
  • Food ;)
I’m sure this list would look different for every person that reads this. My thought is that the best way to become more interesting is by pursuing knowledge about the things that I'm interested in, and unconsciously I've been doing this since I was a young child. As children if we are interested in something, we want to know how that thing works, and really, as we get older we do continue doing this. It may not be nearly as obvious, but hopefully we are still exploring and trying to learn more about the things around us. So if having some knowledge about the things that we're interested in helps to make us interesting. Then hopefully, to some extent, we are all interesting. If the things that we are interested in are not the same things that other people around us are interested in then, well we just might not be interesting to them, and we may not be interested in them. Simple, right? Now, back to the list that I have created from my own interests. I could come up with plenty more things that could have been listed here, but even the few things here encompass way more than I would ever be able to learn even a small amount about, and that's ok. I can still try to learn as much as I can about them. These are the core things that I've decided to focus on (well, minus one that I'm not mentioning here because some people reading this probably don't know my biggest secret ;P Don't worry, it's nothing bad, and hopefully some day, I will be able to reveal what that is to you! But for those of you who don't know... I'm not telling you today.) Some of these things are things that I am working on continuously. I am always striving to know God more, to get to know people and taking the time to work on my relationships with others. These are things that I do daily strive to work on. But I obviously can not learn more about all of the things on this list at the same time, wait... I can work on all of these things, but in doing so, I would have a very hard time growing in any one area. So, rather than trying to learn as much as I can about all of these things in one sitting, I'm breaking them up into small, easy to bite sections (Yummy!) Each month I am trying to focus on one skill set, that means that I am taking the free time that I have which seems like it is not even close to enough, and taking the time to research and learn about a skill and then, putting into practice the skill that I'm working on. It also means, that a part of my budget is allocated to invest in this skill as well. I just started consciously working on this a couple of months ago.
This is the guitar that I purchased in February when I was learning more about music theory.
This is the guitar that I purchased in February when I was learning more about music theory.
February's skill was learning music concepts to help with guitar (I know that I need to focus on that one again.) Along with a new guitar and amp, I purchased a few of Paul Baloche's Modern Worship Series training DVDs and started guitar lessons. Now I am still working on practicing guitar a half hour every day and guitar lessons once a week, but I am not investing any money into this until I come back to a guitar skills month and I'm not spending hours watching training DVDs or spending time learning new concepts. I can however work on practicing and getting better at the concepts that I learned that month. I know that I personally don't have a lot of free time, so that's why I haven't been trying to focus on more than one skill at a time. It's really easy to get super busy in this society that we live in, but like I stated earlier, I want to grow and be more interesting so I make the time. I can usually find at least some time to work on these skills throughout the week... and it doesn't happen every day. I can tell you right now that there are at least two days in the week where my schedule is packed from 9 a.m. until at least midnight. Those days, I can't spend much time working on learning anything new. But I have been able to make time a few times throughout the week where I can work on growing in whatever area that I might be working on.
This was my first attempt at white seamless... I know it's not the best, and there are som motion blur issues around the edges... but you've got to start somewhere.
This was my first attempt at white seamless... you've got to start somewhere.
March was a photography month, I do have some basic concepts of photography, but I spent my free time working on learning more about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, flash power, flash to subject distance, white seamless backgrounds, and whatever else I could find. Now at the end of March, I've realized that I have so much more to learn, so for April, I'm going top refine my topic of study even more down to off camera lighting for still photography... I'll share more about this in my next entry (the funny thing is, is that this "entry" is being written before the "blog" that is going to be hosted on has been created, and the "next entry" that I'm mentioning is what I had intended to write when I sat down to write this... and "this" was just meant to be a quick Facebook message that was going to be sent out to a couple of friends.) The more that I've thought about this the more that I've realized that one month isn't very much time at all, and the topics that I focus on need to be specific in order for me to really grow more interesting in whatever that particular topic might be. I'll leave you with this quote from William Arthur Ward:
“If you would be interesting, be interested, if you would be pleased, be pleasing, if you would be loved, be lovable, if you would be helped, be helpful.” p.s. you'll want to be my friend when I take a month to lean more about cooking ;)
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