Vision is what allows you see the path ahead.
Vision is what allows us to see the path ahead.
"Having a long term vision makes dealing with every day decision making surprisingly easy. Things that may have seemed complicated problems become just little annoyances once you’ve developed your vision." ~ Bert Stephani (Squeeze the Lime) I was reading a blog entry today on Squeeze the Lime written by Bert Stephani talking about "Vision." Today I am looking at just a short excerpt from that entry.

I believe you should have two kinds of long term vision. The first is your LIFESTYLE VISION. Try to picture yourself at different ages. What kind of life would you want to lead by then? Where would you live? What kind of futuristic hovering car would you fly? What kind of values do you hope your kids will have learned from you? … Just imagine what you would do in an day or week...

The second long term overview you’ll need to find for yourself is CREATIVE VISION. What does photography mean to you? Is it about creating an ideal world or is it about shaking up the world with the raw truth? Is it about capturing romance or is it about documenting rare poisoned frogs with five legs? You’ll get my point and if you take a good look at your own favorite pictures, you’ll probably find your vision.

Now, I realize that he is talking to professional photographers here, so you may think "what does that have to do with me?" Really, this vision can be applied to anything that you are passionate about... Most of us have started to think about our "long term plans," so I'm sitting down now to talk a little about my vision. Let's start out with my "LIFESTYLE VISION." I'm going to start out looking at my life ten years from now. I don't need to live an extravagant life, with a huge house, multiple cars, and a pool and in ten years I really doubt I'd have much of that. Really the details of my material possessions don't matter a whole lot... but the things that I look forward to are things like to having a caring wife, that I can support and be there for, but who will also support me. When I say support, I'm not talking financial support, rather, a mutual support where we encourage one another in each others visions (there is that key word again.) So I guess that means that we should probably have some shared vision, someone who I can relate with and that I can pour love out to. I want to be doing work that is able to make a difference in other people's lives. I'd love to work for a ministry. Maybe even something like PULSE, an organization that is reaching out to college students through concerts and media in a culturally relevant way (These things seem to fit into my passions and interest.) I do love helping to plan and put together events, I enjoy being able to create atmosphere and helping people to have a great experience through sound, lighting, video, etc. I also enjoy traveling and getting to know people from other cultures and being able to learn from them. I'd love to be able to go to another country and make a documentary about something that the world doesn't focus on much, but something that should get some attention... maybe a justice issue, something that people ignore, but makes God angry, then being able to help out by using the film to raise money for that issue. I do want to have children and to be able raise them with my wife in the way of the Lord. As far as my "CREATIVE VISION," I want to be able to show people the truth, but in a way that is culturally relevant... I want my creations to be interesting to other people, which is all a part of my overall mission to become more interesting. This is just beginning to scratch the surface of my overall vision, but I encourage you to take a few minutes to stop and think about what your vision is. You may learn a thing or two about yourself.pixelstats trackingpixel