Panasonic Lumix LX3 vs. Canon G10

slrSo, you have a digital SLR but don't find yourself using it as much as your point-and-shoot because it is just too big to be carrying with you all of the time... or, you don't have a digital SLR and can't justify spending the money on one, or you just don't want a big camera. Don't worry, there are other options for getting the flash off your camera besides using big digital SLRs. I recently had a friend ask me about the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. I did a little reading on it along with a good competitor that looks just a bit cheaper... the Canon G10. Here's the spec difference between the two cameras: Here is one of the better side-by-side reviews on these two cameras along with the Nikon P6000: Without even taking about the Nikon P6000, here's what I've found out about the pros and cons of the two cameras that I was looking at... Lumix LX3Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 Pros:
  • Has a great f-stop range for shallow depth of field and low light (f/2 at 24mm to f/2.8 at 60mm)
  • Easy to control the manual settings
  • 16:9 and 3:2 formats
  • 80-3200 range (although it sounds like anything above 400 is going to be really grainy)
  • -HD Video
  • You've only got 60mm of zoom.
  • Linear distortion at the corners
  • Crappy in camera jpeg processing (which is fine if you shoot RAW... which I would recommend anyway)
  • More ISO noise (grain) than competing cameras
  • A bit more expensive
Canon G10Canon G10 Pros:
  • Has 140mm zoom (5x)
  • Great in camera jpeg processing (again, I shoot in RAW anyway, so for me it isn't a huge deal)
  • Less ISO noise
  • 14.7 Megapixels
  • A bit cheaper
  • It is large for a point and shoot
  • Not quite as good in lower light due to the f-stop difference
  • Controls are a bit harder to use
They both seem like very good cameras... and I'm sure either one would work just fine for what most photographers will want to use them for. They both have full manual controls and hot shoes, so off camera lighting will work with either. oh... and just so you can see what you can do with each of them, here are some blogs that have photos taken with each. DMC-LX3 G10 trackingpixel