What happend to April?

We are nearing the end of another month. I'm sitting here asking myself "What happened to the month of April?"
This month has flown by.  This is the view from the airplane that I took to Las Vegas
This month has flown by. This is the view from the airplane that I took to Las Vegas.
It seems like I just got started on this month's topic of lighting, and it's almost time to wrap it up. Sorry I didn't post more about my experience. It was one of those things where either I take my time to learn about lighting or I spend my time writing about it... which is hard to do if I haven't learned what I was going to write about. I was also planning on working my way completely through the Lighting 102 course... but due to traveling and loosing some of my lighting equipment, I haven't had the chance to finish that yet. I do plan on spending my time between now and then to finish the 8 DVD set that David Hobby of Strobist.com put together. This DVD series is a seminar that goes through the Lighting 102 course and then brings the viewers along on some lighting shoots. My plan is to finish this tonight and tomorrow then spend all day Saturday shooting photos using the principles that are being talked about in the seminar. I feel like it's kind of cheating... watching the movie rather than reading the book, and then bringing the application of actually trying these techniques into next month. However, my monthly goal is to learn as much as I can about a topic one month at a time, but then to be able to bring what I've learned into the future, so I can always put into application what I've learned from the months before... So in the end, it's not cheating at at (besides, it's hard to cheat on something you made up yourself.) Oh, and did I mention that I plan on doing this at the same time that I starting next month's area of focus... I really need something to call these "areas of focus" besides just referring to them as that... maybe I'll work on that too... if you have any ideas, let me know, and if you don't know what I'm talking about, read this entry. For now though, I need to learn about lighting!pixelstats trackingpixel