July 2 – Let’s Eat! – Jalapeno Cheese Brats

Jalapeno Cheese Brats from Stittsworth's Nymore Food Mart
Jalapeno Cheese Brats from Stittsworth's Nymore Food Mart (iPhone Photo)
On July 2, I decided to stop in to Stittsworth's Nymore Food Mart, a local meat mart that is just a few blocks from my house. I have friends that have had high reviews of Stittsworth's brats, so I decided to try them for myself. I do enjoy some flavor to my food, so I decided to go for the Jalapeno Cheese Brats. I grilled them on a medium heat on the grill until they had nice grill marks and were starting to burst (I'd rather have them burst on the grill than in my mouth when I take my first bite.) I sprinkled a little extra shredded cheese on the top and added a small amount of ketchup. I enjoyed the fact that there where full slices of jalapeno (the full diameter of the pepper, but in quarter inch thick slices.) The cost was a little more than I would plan on paying for lots of brats, but for feeding just myself, they were priced fairly. It was about $10 for six brats.pixelstats trackingpixel