ProAcademy Series – Event Lighting

ProAcademy Series - Event Lighting Wow, where does the time go. Over the summer it was a lot easier to take the time to keep this up to date. In my free time over the last few months I've been working on things like, financial responsibility, guitar (again,) and this month, my free time is going to producing a DVD series called ProAcademy Series. A local business owner of a sound and lighting company approached me with the idea of producing a DVD on event lighting. We have since filmed it and I've edited it, and just have a few finishing touches to put on it before we can start shipping it as a finished product. It's funny how a few "finishing touches" can take longer to do than the rest of the editing process of the entire video. In total I've got over 20 hours of film for this project, and the final video will be about two and a half hours. My goal is to be done with this before the end of the month.pixelstats trackingpixel