Tying Up Loose Ends

Loose Ends
Loose Ends (iPhone Photo)
If you know me at all, you know that I'm not the best conversationalist in the world... and I'm not the best at conveying my ideas by talking about them. I like to surprise people with the things that I do. Rather than talking about something for a couple of years and slowly making progress toward it and have people get bored with my ideas, I'm more of one to quietly work toward something and then one day say "look what I did," or "look what I can do." This is good in some ways, and not so good in others. I think it's less overwhelming do do things this way... I am working on multiple things at once, and rather than having everyone know everything that I'm working on, I'd rather keep things compartmentalized, some people know some things, others know other things, but very few people get the whole picture of what all I'm doing. This one month at a time thing has been very good for me, however, lately I've found myself falling into the same trap that I was in when I started this a year ago (I think it's time for my one year assessment.) Even though I haven't been writing about it as much, I have been trying to focus on one thing a month, but I'm slowly starting to get different projects building... I work on something for a month, and don't quite finish it, and then I start working on something else the next month, and don't quite finish it. And somehow now, I've got lots of unfinished projects and commitments. I was thinking of starting something new for the month of February, but after starting to write this entry, I've decided to spend the next couple of months working on finishing projects that I've started before starting anything new. This includes more than just things that I've started as monthly focuses... but things that I've had going on since before I ever started this. First, I need to prioritize the projects that I have outstanding (this list may change if I think of something that's not on here)... Let's begin:
  1. ProAcademy Series: Event Lighting DVD/Website
  2. Thesis/Getting my degree
  3. Adrienne and AJ's Wedding Video
  4. More Secrets ;)
In order to get this done, I plan on not working on one thing on the list until all of the things before it are completed. I need to use my free time to do this, which I'm sometimes bad at so I need to lay down some ground rules:
  1. No watching television or movies alone, I can watch them with friends, but not alone. I'm really good at being unmotivated and sitting down and watching a movie... also, the new season of Lost is coming on soon, and I do follow Lost, but this will require me to watch it with friends... this could be hard, because Lost is a television show where you can't miss an episode... so I'll have to know a couple of friends watching it.
  2. Do not make any new commitments. This one is huge... I'm really good at making new commitments, which is what holds me back from finishing the commitments that I already have.
I do have a few things that I am currently committed to that I will need to work on in the meantime.
  1. Work
  2. InterVarsity Volunteer Work
  3. Church Worship Team
  4. AFP
  5. The Victor
  6. Day After Valentine's Day Dinner
  7. Horace May Spring Play
  8. Sonshine Music Festival - Campsite Infinity Organization (I already own tickets that I will need to sell)
The first three things on my current commitments are ongoing until I leave Bemidji or get married, the fourth thing is a long term project that I am working on, starting out with a documentary (which could be the reason that I leave Bemidji,) and the last few things are once a year events that I have already committed to.pixelstats trackingpixel