Infinity Workshops

We look like we were photoshopped in!But they werent...
"We look like we were Photoshopped in!"But they weren't...
Last night we successfully held our second summer workshop, our class size doubled from week one to week two, it was fun to have more people. We started out last week with three people, and this week we were up to six (even though Ellen and Marie came just as models... we're still counting them.) Last nights focus was balancing off-camera flash with twilight, we spent the first hour reviewing the concepts that we had talked about the week before, then we went out and put that knowledge into practice. Continue reading Infinity Workshops

For Wednesday

We just finished with our summer workshop kickoff. When we got together the consensus was that we wanted to cover the topic of photography off-camera flash. If you are remotely interested in joining us to learn, we are getting together again on Wednesday and we can fill you in on anything that you missed... don't feel like you need to come knowing anything, we covered a lot tonight, but will be reviewing what we covered tonight and applying it in a real photo shoot. You learn better by doing anyway, so here's the basics of what we looked at tonight and what we'll be applying Wednesday. Continue reading For Wednesday

FREE Training!

Check out for FREE training.
I have to give a shout-out to CreativeLIVE. Chase Jarvis is an amazing photographer and has helped start some free online live classes... the content is free if you watch it live, and after that you are able to purchase the courses at a great price! This weekend they will be hosting a weekend workshop featuring none other than Mr. OneLight... Zack Arias. I'm really excited about the workshop, and have already pre-purchased the course as I will have to miss the live event because I will be hosting a small workshop myself that is kicking off this Friday evening. Continue reading FREE Training!

Photography Workshops

The Zack Arias OneLight Workshop
One of my many inspirations... The Zack Arias OneLight Workshop
I've talked with a few people that are going to be around the Bemidji area for the summer about the possibility of doing a few photography workshops. Nothing is set in stone as of this point, but I am going to be talking with some of the interested parties tomorrow. As of right now, we are looking at working through some of the following topics:
  • Fundamentals of Photography
  • Off Camera Lighting
I'm sure that we won't have time to work through every aspect of all of these topics, but we are going to pick a day of the week and see how much we can get through during the summer. As a part of working through the theory of these topics, we'll have hands on exercises to go along with what we are learning. There will be no cost to participants who want to go through these with me, just bring your own equipment, and I'd love to explore the world of photography with you!