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I have to give a shout-out to CreativeLIVE. Chase Jarvis is an amazing photographer and has helped start some free online live classes... the content is free if you watch it live, and after that you are able to purchase the courses at a great price! This weekend they will be hosting a weekend workshop featuring none other than Mr. OneLight... Zack Arias. I'm really excited about the workshop, and have already pre-purchased the course as I will have to miss the live event because I will be hosting a small workshop myself that is kicking off this Friday evening. Following up with my last post, I've been talking with a few of the people that are in the Bemidji area, we've decided to go ahead and start working through some of the stuff that I posted about in my last entry. These are things that I have learned but feel that it would be beneficial to go through with a group of others interested in the same things. As I mentioned, we will be kicking that off this Friday, as in two days from today! This will not be our regularly scheduled night to meet for the summer, as it is the start to the weekend and as human beings, weekends can be rather unpredictable. We are still deciding between Monday and Wednesday nights for our weekly workshop nights (or possibly both.) This Friday's kick off is for us to stop just talking about it, and get the ball rolling. If you are in the Bemidji area and are interested in joining us, let me know. I think that we are going to start out with looking at HDDSLR Cinema, mostly because I'm selling my Pentax K10D this Thursday to a co-worker and will be cameraless until the end of the month when I get my Canon 5D Mark II in. We'll be talking about a lot of hands-off stuff (what is HDDSLR, what are the advantages, disadvantages, etc.) that I won't need a camera for. Then, once I do have my camera, I'll want to play around with the 5D's video functions. One of the other guys that's going to be attending is in the process of getting the Canon 7D, and when we get to the application/hands-on part of the workshop, we'll have two HDDSLR's to work with.pixelstats trackingpixel