For Wednesday

We just finished with our summer workshop kickoff. When we got together the consensus was that we wanted to cover the topic of photography off-camera flash. If you are remotely interested in joining us to learn, we are getting together again on Wednesday and we can fill you in on anything that you missed... don't feel like you need to come knowing anything, we covered a lot tonight, but will be reviewing what we covered tonight and applying it in a real photo shoot. You learn better by doing anyway, so here's the basics of what we looked at tonight and what we'll be applying Wednesday. When it comes to off-camera lighting for flash there are five major elements that come into play when exposing your image:
  • Shutter Speed - Affects your ambient light exposure.
  • Aperture - Affects your subject exposure (or flash exposure)
  • Flash Power - Affects your subject exposure (or flash exposure)
  • Flash to Subject Distance - Inverse Square Law (The closer your subject is to the flash, the more light fall-off, the further your subject is from the flash, the less light fall-off, and more even the light will be across the subject.)
  • ISO - Affects both ambient and subject exposure. (Higher ISO more grain)
Other important things that were touched on:
  • The larger your apparent light source, the softer the shadows
  • The smaller your apparent light source, the harder the shadows
  • Gear covered: Flashes, light stands, umbrella adapters, triggers (cables/IR systems/RF systems), modifiers (umbrellas, softboxes, walls, whatever)
I know it sounds like A LOT and it is, but once you start doing it and seeing how it works in person, it will all make sense. We also will need models for Wednesday, so even if you just want to check out what we're doing and want to model for us, we'd love to have you! As a homework assignment, I'd recommend reading the Lighting 102 - 3.1 Balancing Light: Twilight article from Don't worry about doing the application part of this, as we'll be doing this together on Wednesday. If you don't have your own gear at all, we'll share (I've got a couple of flashes that people can use and we can take turn using the cameras that are there so that everyone gets a chance to try this out.)pixelstats trackingpixel