Infinity Workshops

We look like we were photoshopped in!But they werent...
"We look like we were Photoshopped in!"But they weren't...
Last night we successfully held our second summer workshop, our class size doubled from week one to week two, it was fun to have more people. We started out last week with three people, and this week we were up to six (even though Ellen and Marie came just as models... we're still counting them.) Last nights focus was balancing off-camera flash with twilight, we spent the first hour reviewing the concepts that we had talked about the week before, then we went out and put that knowledge into practice.
The group that we had for our second workshop.
The group that we had for our second workshop.
After the shoot, a few of us sat around a bonfire, ate s'mores, and got to know one another a bit better. It was a fun night. Next Wednesday, June 23, 2010, we will once again be getting together at 7 p.m. at my house for an hour to look at the technical aspects of white shooting photos on a roll of nine foot white seamless paper. Around 8 p.m. we will be moving to Mt. Zion Church and set up a studio there to do a white seamless photo shoot. In order to prep for this, you can go through the following white seamless tutorials: White Seamless Tutorial :: Part 1 :: Gear & Space White Seamless Tutorial :: Part 2 :: Setting Lights & Exposure White Seamless Tutorial :: Part 2b :: Full Length With OneLight White Seamless Tutorial :: Part 3 :: From White To Black There are a few other white seamless tutorials on Zack's site that you can take a look at but the ones listed above will best prep you for Wednesday's workshop. I have now created a Facebook group and gave the group name the first thing that popped into my head "Infinity Workshops." For more info, check out the group.pixelstats trackingpixel