Negative Infinity Winter Phototrip

Deer and squirrel at Gooseberry Falls
This week six of us piled into my minivan around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning and took off for Gooseberry Falls on the north shore of Lake Superior to take some photos. We then headed down to Duluth then finally to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. By the end of the first day I was wondering if we were going to come out of the trip with any good photos. We had left Bemidji early to catch the sunrise from the falls, but it was extremely cloudy so the sun never came up, and the light was very omnidirectional, which didn't give much shape to the photos. The water at Gooseberry was brown, and that didn't really make for the pretty frozen waterfalls that I was envisioning.
Not the color of the water that I was expecting
After Gooseberry Falls, we spent a few hours in Duluth at the pier and exploring some of the local shops. As we were entering the cities, the van started to shake as if we were on really bumpy road, we pulled over and found that we had blown a tire on the interstate. I decided that since we were on the interstate along with the fact that I had free roadside assistance in my insurance plan, I would call them and have them change it for us... we waited for an hour and a half before we decided to change the tire ourselves. After that we found dinner at Applebee's and had to drive the next couple of hours on the spare, as we couldn't find any tire places that were still open who could get us a new tire. By the time we got to the house that we were staying at in Waconia, I had gotten maybe six or seven photos that I was willing to show people. But all in all it was still a good day and we all had fun.

We spent a few hours in Duluth after visiting Gooseberry.

Duluth bridge
Canal Park Duluth
Lighthouse Pier, Canal Park, Duluth

We stayed the night in Waconia, and went on a little photo walk while the blown tire was being replaced.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Waconia, MN
Season's Greetings, Waconia, MN
Old Waconia City Hall
St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Waconia, MN
St. Joseph's Catholic School, Waconia, MN

We then went back into the city and spent some time at the Guthrie Theater.

Ater being there for an hour or so we were approached by a staff worker of the theater who asked if we had gotten permission to photograph there... we did have multiple light stands, with umbrellas and speedlights.

He said that he would make some phone calls to see if it was alright that we were there... he walked off and we didn't see him again.

View from the Guthrie
Gold Medal Flour Mill
View from the Guthrie
View from the Guthrie
View from the Guthrie
View of Minneapolis

We may not have gotten the best photos ever, but we had a good time on the trip. We got back to Bemidji almost exactly 48 hours after we had left... all in all it was a good two days.

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