Diamond Point Early Morning

 I got up for the sunrise at Diamond Point this morning. I've been wanting to work on my landscape photography for a while now... I find myself gravitating toward photographing people most of the time, and more than that, I tend to do more candid people photographs than posing my shots. I would like to use my photography skills for documentary purposes, to tell stories of people and of their lives, but I also want to be able to capture a scene and pose shots when needed. This morning I took the opportunity to get up before sunrise and head over to Diamond Point Park. The sun didn't quite make it out for sunrise, but it did come close to breaking through the clouds for a few shots. I'm always looking to improve my photography, so if anyone ever wants to go out and either shoot with me or model for me give me a call or text me. I'd be grateful for the opportunity!   pixelstats trackingpixel