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On the move… Guatemala and Honduras

I'm off!
On the streets of Guatemala in 2011.
On the streets of Guatemala in 2011.
About two months ago, I received a message a from a missionary friend saying that she was wanting to put together "a video for the purpose of sharing what's happening in the ministry [that she works with] down in Honduras in hopes to connect people and ministries here who would like to partner in prayer as well as financially with the ministry/church in Honduras. We have a lot of ideas, but are not entirely sure how to execute them in terms of what to include in a video, how to go about getting good footage, how to put the video together, etc." A week later I met with Erina, the friend that sent me this message, and her dad to work through some of their ideas. The conversation started out by talking about what they would need in order to produce a video themselves.  An hour and a half later they posed a question to me "Would you be interested in coming down to help us produce this?" Filming an interview while in Guatemala in 2011.
Sitting in the Chicago O'Hare airport on my way to Guatemala.
In the Chicago O'Hare Airport once again.
Now, I find myself sitting in the Chicago O'Hare airport waiting for my flight down to Guatemala! I've never been one to pass up new opportunities, and I feel that this is what God has called me to for the next month an a half. "Guatemala? I thought you said the ministry you were going to was in Honduras. Why are you waiting for a flight to Guatemala?" Good question! Knowing that I will be going to Honduras for this video project, combined with an upcoming trip to Peru in June, and who knows what else God has in store for me in the future, I have decided to spend a month in Guatemala taking Spanish classes at San Pedro Spanish School near Lake Atitlan. I will be taking four hours of Spanish a day, five days a week.
Filming kids while in Guatemala in 2011.
Filming kids while in Guatemala in 2011.
In April, I will then take a bus to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to work with the ministry down there in putting together some ministry videos.  Pray for me as I travel and take Spanish classes.  Pray for the ministry in Honduras, Salvación y Alabanza. I'm excited to be able to take on this new challenge and can't wait to see how God works through this opportunity!

English Camp in Ukraine

Teacher Tim... Mid June, my team of seven had the chance to take on teaching five English classes for a week. I had the opportunity to fly solo and teach the "Intermediate English" class. My class was made up of five students and I loved being able to get to know each of them while (hopefully) teaching them a thing or two about the English language.

El Faro

One year ago today, while in Guatemala, it was the weekend between one ministry team leaving and the next one coming and Jose, a staff worker with Student's International, invited me to go with him for the weekend to a Christian resort center that one of his friends runs on the Caribbean... here are a few photos I took while there: