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Basics of Photography – March of 2009

For Wednesday

We just finished with our summer workshop kickoff. When we got together the consensus was that we wanted to cover the topic of photography off-camera flash. If you are remotely interested in joining us to learn, we are getting together again on Wednesday and we can fill you in on anything that you missed... don't feel like you need to come knowing anything, we covered a lot tonight, but will be reviewing what we covered tonight and applying it in a real photo shoot. You learn better by doing anyway, so here's the basics of what we looked at tonight and what we'll be applying Wednesday. Continue reading For Wednesday


A poster that I put together for an InterVarsity event.  It allowed me to work on my photography as well.
A poster that I put together for an InterVarsity event. It allowed me to work on my photography as well.
During the month of March, I wanted to work on my photography. I worked on a project for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to help promote an event that they are going to be putting on April 9, 2009. My goal was to create a movie type poster with the silhouettes of the members of the team that are putting together a drama for that night. For this project I had to figure out the best way to shoot a silhouette photo and decided on going the "white seamless" route. I had never even heard of "white seamless" before, but the concept was simple, and it totally makes sense. I found a great tutorial online from a photographer named Zack Arias, an Atlanta based photographer. Since I found Zack's site, I've been following his blog, which I've never really done before. But it seems to be a great way to learn. Continue reading Everything

Be More Interesting

Interesting I'm not looking for fame, I'm not looking to impress every person I meet, I'm not even looking for everyone to like me... but I do want to be interesting. That may sound like I think I'm boring, but I'm not saying that all. A better title for this might be "follow your passions," but I really like "Be More Interesting." Continue reading Be More Interesting