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GoPro Test

I had the chance to test out my new GoPro HD Hero 2... I lost my first generation GoPro Hero HD while filming my last snowboarding video! My new Hero2 definitely seems better than my old GoPro Hero.  I shot this in 720P 60 fps, you'll see a couple of shots that I slowed down to take advantage of the 60 frames per second. I knew that the low light capabilities of the camera were pretty weak, but I wanted to see how it did anyway... the only problem is that durring the low light shots the camera ran into a glitch and all of the video turned out bright pink! Heres what I came up with...

SCOTTEVEST: The Trip of Your Life

Help me win the trip of my life! Last week while I was out in Washington, I had the chance to film an entry for a "Trip of a Life" contest sponsored by SCOTTEVEST. SCOTTEVEST makes great travel clothing with pockets for everything you could possibly want. Hannah and I made a spoof commercial for the contest entry and only had about a half hour to film the commercial part before I really did need to catch my flight back to Minnesota. Please watch, "LIKE" and comment on the video :-)  

Canon 5D Mark II

The Canon 5D Mark II
The Canon 5D Mark II
I got to go to the NABShow again this year, that is the National Association of Broadcasters trade show which is an annual trade show/convention that happens in Las Vegas each year. One of the big hypes this year was 3D television, this was no surprise to me as they have been showing this off for the last couple of years, and in the last year there have been quite a few 3D movies that have been coming out. But this year it seemed like every other exhibitor that I walked past was trying to get me to put on 3D glasses to see their implementation of 3D. 3D is a "cool" thing, but I wasn't all that excited about it because I don't see it as something that I'm going to be doing a whole lot with, but there was something else that caught my attention (and the attention of quite a few other people.) Continue reading Canon 5D Mark II

Does anyone know anyone who may know anyone or have connections to Coldplay or Ditty?

Atlanta based photographer Zack Arias 6 degrees of separation experement
Atlanta based photographer Zack Arias 6 degrees of separation experiment
On a random note, I was reading Zack Arias's blog today and thought I'd throw this out there for him. He's doing a little social networking experiment playing with the 6 degrees of separation theory. He's got two goals that he's working on: 1 - He wants to shoot a portrait of Coldplay. 2 - He wants to hang out for a day and shoot Diddy. I doubt that anyone that stumbles across this blog will be of any help, but Zack's teaching on off-camera lighting for photography have helped me enough that he's worth the shout out. Check out his post.


Vision is what allows you see the path ahead.
Vision is what allows us to see the path ahead.
"Having a long term vision makes dealing with every day decision making surprisingly easy. Things that may have seemed complicated problems become just little annoyances once you’ve developed your vision." ~ Bert Stephani (Squeeze the Lime) I was reading a blog entry today on Squeeze the Lime written by Bert Stephani talking about "Vision." Today I am looking at just a short excerpt from that entry.

I believe you should have two kinds of long term vision. The first is your LIFESTYLE VISION. Try to picture yourself at different ages. What kind of life would you want to lead by then? Where would you live? What kind of futuristic hovering car would you fly? What kind of values do you hope your kids will have learned from you? … Just imagine what you would do in an day or week...

The second long term overview you’ll need to find for yourself is CREATIVE VISION. What does photography mean to you? Is it about creating an ideal world or is it about shaking up the world with the raw truth? Is it about capturing romance or is it about documenting rare poisoned frogs with five legs? You’ll get my point and if you take a good look at your own favorite pictures, you’ll probably find your vision.

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