Taylor University In Guatemala

Last March and April I had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala and put together some highlight and promotional videos along with photography with a group called Students International. I realized that I never posted the videos that I made while down there, so here's the first. This video is a highlight video for Taylor University students, who were in Guatemala on a spring break trip. I shot a majority of the footage and edited it all.

Taylor 2011 from SI Guatemala on Vimeo.

I'll post the others in the next few days!

GoPro Test

I had the chance to test out my new GoPro HD Hero 2... I lost my first generation GoPro Hero HD while filming my last snowboarding video! My new Hero2 definitely seems better than my old GoPro Hero.  I shot this in 720P 60 fps, you'll see a couple of shots that I slowed down to take advantage of the 60 frames per second. I knew that the low light capabilities of the camera were pretty weak, but I wanted to see how it did anyway... the only problem is that durring the low light shots the camera ran into a glitch and all of the video turned out bright pink! Heres what I came up with...

SCOTTEVEST: The Trip of Your Life

Help me win the trip of my life! Last week while I was out in Washington, I had the chance to film an entry for a "Trip of a Life" contest sponsored by SCOTTEVEST. SCOTTEVEST makes great travel clothing with pockets for everything you could possibly want. Hannah and I made a spoof commercial for the contest entry and only had about a half hour to film the commercial part before I really did need to catch my flight back to Minnesota. Please watch, "LIKE" and comment on the video :-)